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·Թ 66 Ҥ 16 ҹҷ ¡ŧ (觢) 躹.෾ѵ .ҧ .෾ѵ . ԴѴҡҧöҧ ˹ҡҧ 120 ֡ 640 ͡Է⩹ 2 ŧԴѹҳ 66 ͹ 2 Թ⫹äҸáԨͧ繪Ѵ öҹʹ ѺҧҧþԹ ҧһա- ç çҺ ͻСͺáԨä ԹŧµԴ˭ҡ Ңͧͧ ʹ´. 0917181037

Land For Sale Phuket Thalang

Land details

Selling Price: 1,056,000,000 Baht

Lot Size: 66 Rai or equivalent to 105,600 sq.m.

All taxes and any processing fees will be paid in half between buyer and seller

GPS: 8.00889238301539, 98.3415643963798

Listing Description

Flat, buildable, residentially zoned land for sale located in Thalang, Phuket.
This property may have outstanding taxes, code violations. It is the buyer's responsibility to research the title prior to buy a property.

Land located in Thalang, Phuket for sale right next from HomePro Thalang. This 66 Rai is available for shopping malls, department stores, hospital, warehouse, vehicles dealer showroom, lodging facilities, motel, travelers business, restaurants or any businesses. As located along the highway 402 Thepkrasattri road. Not only attracting customers from the highway traffic, this will also let them to stop by your business.

Unlike other heavy traffic areas, this property provides you 120 meters wide in front and 640 meters deep which is easily accessible from the highway. Only 30 minutes to Phuket international airport, and only 1 hour to Phuket city. Surrounded by highly convenient facilities such as home villages, shopping malls, grocery & retail stores, gas station, hospital, postal office, etc.

For more information, do not hesitate to call 0917181037

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Ѿ: 0917181037

: koalalohacat@gmail.com

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