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ҹ Modern Tropical Ҥҷش Ңͧͧ ѹ §

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ҹ2 çҧç Modern tropical 鹷 92.5 ҧ 鹷ҡ 280 . 3 ͧ͹ 4 ͧ ҧ1ͧӧҹ ͧ ͧ红ͧ ͧѡҧ ʹö2ѹ
-4 ͧӹ͹ ͧٴѹ

ҹ١͡Ẻྴҹ٧ ¤ӹ֧֧ȷҧʧ ҹʺ ʹѴѧҹ ͤʺ ִѴ ǴǹTropical չӵ ӸâҴ кͻҤ ֡ʴм͹

ŷ駴ҡ 㨡ҧҹҴ˭ Ѵ ç¹ ҹеҴʴͧ ͹ҹЪǺҹԵ դʹ٧ ѧ֡ͧԶժԵẺǺҹ շ觹ŧ ŧѡ ǹ ͻ ֧ öǴ෾§ з͡ѧͻ蹨ѡҹҡ

-Է /ç¹鹡 3 ҷ
-Ҵ⪤ /⪤ҫ/ŵ/ѹ / çҺѹ 5ҷ
-ૹʵ/ þ ෾ѭ/þ ا෾§ 15ҷ
-ç¹ҹҪҵ NIS 10ҷ

Ҥ 5.6 ҹҷ

: 088-251-9600
Line ID : 45311818
Email : kennachang@hotmail.com

Stylish modern tropical house for sale.
In a great location at an astonishing price.
Sale by owner, Sansai, Chiangmai

The house is designed with open plan with multiple areas. Enjoy yourself with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with the total space of 280sqm at 92.5 sqwah
Combined with 1 working room, pantry room, wash room , pray room and carpark for 2
Included built in furniture, walk in closet and storage.
All bedrooms including the work room have airconditioners so 4 air conditioners in total, Gas bench stove and with range hood in the kitchen.

The house is cool as its ventelated due to high ceilings and lots of windows and doors. It is comfortable to live so it saves electricity energy. Surrounded by green lush tropical gardens that cools the common areas due to a waterfall feature and two fish ponds.

Peaceful and safe area near the local village few steps to temple, school , local market . Surrounded by rice paddy, fruit orchards, organic vegetables and beautiful mountain views English speaking neighbors.
Nearby: 5 mins to Maejo university, Sansai hospital
10mins to Ruamchok market, Tesco lotus, Homepro Sansai
15mins to Central festivals, Bangkok hospital.
20mins to Chiangmai Airport

Price : 5.6 million bath with negotiable
Half/half for all fees

If you are interested or would like more informations please contact Ken(Owner)
Mobile phone :
088- 251-9600
Line id: 45311818
Email : kennachang@hotmail.com

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ͼС : سҭç

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Ѿ: 088-251-9600

: kennachang@hotmail.com

ѹ 09 .. 2562 16:50, ҹ 175


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